Ruffling Attachment
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Machine Settings
1. Set machine for straight stitching.
2. Raise take-up lever to its highest point.
3. Attach ruffler, fitting fork arm over needle clamp hub. 
Make sure that both presser bar and needle clamp screws are secure.
4. Check to see that needle clears the needle hole in ruffler.
5. Draw needle thread into needle hole after lowering needle slightly.  Place both needle and bobbin threads diagonally across feed.


1. Raise adjusting lever and move it so projection enters slot 1.
2. Insert fabric to be ruffled under separator guide A, separator blades and under first separator guide B.
3. Draw fabric slightly to the back of needle. 
4. Position needle, lower presser bar, and start stitching.
5. Turn adjusting indicator screw clockwise for more fullness or counter clockwise for less fullness.

This handy foot creates the perfect gathered or pleated fabric addition to all of your bedding or home décor projects.