1/8" Rolled Hem/ Hemmer Foot
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Machine Settings
1. Upper Thread Tension: Auto or Standard
2. Needle: #11 or #14
3. Stitch Pattern: Straight Stitch
4. Needle Position: Center
5. Stitch Length: 2.5 mm

1. Lower the needle into the fabric at the point where sewing is to begin.  Then lower the hemmer foot.
2. Sew 3 or 4 stitches while holding the needle and bobbin thread.  Lower the needle into the fabric and lift the hemmer foot.  Insert the folded portion of the fabric into the curl of the hemmer foot.
3. Lower the hemmer foot, then sew by lifting up the edge of the fabric to keep it feeding smoothly and evenly.
A necessity when making a small flat hem. Perfect for shirt sleeves, and tails; table linens, bedding, home décor and crafting.